Some Emerging Options For Root Issues For Doctor

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Senior Deputy Prosecutor Don Raz argued Thursday that Chens crimes were among the the worst of the worst atrocities . But, he said, they were fueled not by mental illness but simply rage and fear over the couples impending breakup and the possibility of a child-custody battle. Most Read Stories Unlimited Digital Access. $1 for 4 weeks. Raz argued that Chen, 43, deserved 49 years, the longest possible sentence within state guidelines. He said the argument proffered by the defense, that Chens ability to know right from wrong was diminished by mental illness and an adverse reaction to medications, was not substantially compelling in light of what happened to Eric and Cooper. He said Eric Cooper was stabbed more than 177 times and Cooper Chens throat was slashed from ear to ear. Worse, the toddler did not die immediately, but ran down the hall from the bedroom to the living room where he sought help from Eric Cooper, only to find his primary caretaker dead. We believe it is a reasonable sentence for the taking of two lives in the most horrific way possible, Raz said. Chens attorneys, however, said the physician suffered from longstanding mental illness that culminated in a psychotic break inflamed by self-medication and a buildup of a drug found in cough syrup .

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